Hi! I am Prabal Baruah founder and SEO of this website. Thank you very much for visiting my website. I am a Post Graduate in Commerce (M.COM). I have worked in many Tax Consulting Firms. I have also worked in the Marketing sector. In recent years, I have done a detailed analysis and research on the Best Refrigerator available in the Indian market.

According to me, marketing is not just selling goods to customers. It’s helping people to choose the right product so that they can get the maximum benefit. Some of my friends are also engaged in this website for research and analysis of various refrigerators. Our primary aim is to provide information on affordable and the Best Refrigerator currently available in the Indian market.

Reading, Writing, Playing Cricket and Educating people about latest products is my hobby. The main reason behind starting this website is to help people with their shopping. Here we are reviewing the best refrigerators available on the online market and summarizing them into a nice and interesting article. The articles available on our website will help you to finalize which refrigerator would be the best and suitable as per your needs. After reading my article I request you to think and research properly before investing in any refrigerator. You have many other expenses in our life. So, think wisely.

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